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Even if this won’t be your first time out in the wilderness and you’ve been on many outdoor adventures before, there’s still a lot more you can always learn about to make sure you have a safe and successful trip. And for those of you who have never done more than camp in an established recreation area or campground, you will certainly want to study up on the right supplies and gear that you should have before you venture out into the wild. That is why we have organized this survival gear learning center, hoping that you will be able to look through the resources that we have put together in order to make sure that you can safely address a wide range of conditions and situations.

And since there are so many different types of survival packs and gear, it can get to be a little confusing in knowing exactly how you should gear up for your next outing. That is what makes our product reviews and general buyer’s guides so helpful, pointing out key features that you should look for to help you make the most informed decision possible.

It will also help for you to know how to pack for specific environments. All too many people have made the mistake of thinking that they can simply pack one set of survival gear for any trip that they make. But conditions can vary significantly, so you will need to make sure you have very specific supplies to help you address all possible elements and conditions.

Camping First Aid Kits
Camping first aid kits help you prevent minor injuries from becoming serious.

Earthquake Survival Kits
Earthquake survival kits can hold you over for days until you get help.

Extreme Survival Gear
The latest extreme survival gear features compact multi use tools.

First Aid Kits
Choose your first aid kits based on the specific types of activities you’ll be participating in.

Outdoor First Aid Kits
Outdoor first aid kits help you address injuries in the field right away.

Outdoor Survival Gear
Make sure you have the right outdoor survival gear for your next trek.

Survival Equipment
Survival equipment is specially designed to stand up to the rigors of the outdoors.

Survival Shelters
You can find a variety of survival shelters made for specific regions.

Survival Supplies
Survival supplies are specially designed to withstand harsh elements.

Wilderness Survival Gear
Wilderness survival gear is specially designed to deliver under harsh conditions.

Wilderness Survival Kits
Wilderness survival kits conveniently package vital survival items.

Winter Survival Shelters
Winter survival shelters are designed to provide vital protection against harsh weather conditions.

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