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While true extreme outdoorsmen and adventurers may be able to take on a wide variety of extreme conditions through their years of experience and natural ability, having the right extreme survival gear still makes all the difference in a successful adventure. Keep reading for some tips on what to make sure you have packed with you!

One of the first places you need to look when preparing for your extreme wilderness adventure is the latest line of extreme outdoor apparel. Look for items such as double insulated jackets that feature water protection and removable liners for flexible condition wear. You should also make sure that you look into the right extreme footwear that will provide the appropriate support for what you plan on tackling.

And there are also plenty of items that will help you protect the more sensitive parts of your body. This includes being able to find protection for your eyes that include goggles that are specially designed for use in snow and whiteout conditions. You’ll also want to make sure your noggin gets the protection it needs with the latest line of ultra light, yet ultra durable helmets. You can also do a lot to protect your hands by looking into gloves that are specially designed for rock climbing, cold weather trekking and more.

True extreme survivalists will also be interested in the latest options for ropes and karabiners. There are also a number of different trekking and hiking poles that make it easier to maintain solid footing and grip.

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